I Love My State

What's good people, the grind continues as always, but just dropping in randomly tonight to talk about how much I love my state.  We breed legends here in SC, there is so much legendary talent from here, as well as soon to be legendary talent (Myself included) that it's crazy that we don't have a bigger footprint than we do.  From the DJ's to the talent(music, television, and film) to the food, and the hospitality.  I have been just in a space where I really want to make sure that I assist in the bringing together of the state and making sure that the world knows why everyone always loves having ties to SC, forget the stereotypes as there is nothing slow or unintelligent about us at all.  There are some amazing things that I see coming over the horizon for myself and my state.  I just hope you all are watching. "In The Meantime..." Carolina Special Editions coming soon.  If you don't know me already you soon will. Good music, good people, good times all happening here in SC and soon to be wherever you are as well.  As always thanks a million for the support, the contributions, the feedback, and the patience...We still just getting started.  Shout out my big brother Rell, for his motivation, trust me your words have not fallen on deaf ears here.   Got some goodies in the bag for fall winter 2016 also.  Anyway, enough with me rambling for tonight...ill touch base more on this all later.  

Be Blessed, Be Royal

Ron Royal

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