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Farewell 2017...Thank You!

2017...A year of growth, education, challenges, changes and victories.  There not really much that I can complain about and as my grandmother would tell me, "it's really no point in complaining anyway as it don't help nothing." So I won't.  What I will do is say thank you. Thank you to every visitor to the site, every listener to a song, every subscriber, every follower, every supporter.  To my team, I could not have done this without you and next year we have quite a bit on the agenda and its all due to…

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Sorry I've been away...

Whats up family, Its been a little minute since I have personally posted, but all of that is more so do to being out and about creating things that are post worthy. I have a few things down the pipeline that I actually can't wait to post about that have been keeping me busy. I'm currently in the studio now working hard on the follow up to In The Meantime... and working hard to be able to bring the Ron Royal experience to a town near you very soon, along with some very special friends of mine.  I will be…

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It's My Birthday!!!

Yep, It's my birthday
Today you can download In The Meantime....for $1.00
or you can Purchase the physical cd and download for $5.00

Me in 10 Songs...Tidal Playlist

What's Good family, New thing I'm doing here, just because I love music and I am a fan first, so once a week I will post a different themed playlist to share some of my favorites and just let you all know more about me via the music I love. With this being the 1st one I guess its only right I start by trying to sum myself up in 10 songs. I will probably update this playlist a little later with the story behind each track but for now enjoy.





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I'm Working...

Me, KÜL, B-Crazy and the crew are working to bring you more heat, more shows, and more of this Royal lifestyle.  A lot of great music being made on the way to the album, and it would be selfish of me to keep em to myself, so In The Meantime...2 is on the way, Hope you're ready! It's Royal

Meet The Producer... KÜL NATIONZ

​What up y'all, just wanted to take time to shout and show love to my dude KÜL the main man behind the boards for that Ron Royal sound, He produced the songs 
"Ask Me If I Care", "Drippin", "Shawty Pt.2" , "Intro", "Down" off that "In The Meantime...EP" We have a lot more music coming for you this year.  This guys range is ridiculous.  But enough with the talking, y'all say what up to KÜL...

Happy 2017

What's Good FanMily!!!

2016 was a good year, and I'm looking forward to making 2017 a great one, we made a lot of headway last year and this year the mission continues!

First off, I want to thank everyone last year that came to a show, downloaded or streamed the EP, took a picture, told a friend, expressed your support via social media and just overall rocked with me and my team.   We have gone through quite a few changes to get here, and there have been some ups and downs, but all in all, we progress.  Want…

We Matter!

Tell me who do you call for protection, when the protectors are holding the guns, and they're pointed at you and there's no where to run?  

What do you say to ears not listening, while standing in a stance of submission, hands up, praying that you don't end up missing?  

The waiting, the ticking, away at your time, and your thinking Dear God don't let this here be my time
, please let someone drive by, speak up, see my eyes, I don't mean you no harm, and I don't want to die.  

Was just minding my own…

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