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Showing Love for the Baroness. 

So my homegirl the baroness,  Ms. Mosca Flux competed in her first sparring session with the legendary Queen of The Ring, and what can I say, she went down with the intent to kill and came home with the body, and looked stunning while doing so. Don’t even think she broke a sweat. But you don’t have to take my word for it. See for yourself. #CarolinaShit Salute Queen!


What a Year! 

2020 has been one for the books, I mean i'm very thankful for the time it has given me to really focus and create, but with so much sickeness, and death it can really take a toll on your mentally and emotionally which can at times interfere with creativity and work.  But we push through regardless. I want to thank everyone that has been supporting and sending in pictures in their royal wear.  It's always humbling and appreciated to the levels you guys go to in your loyalty of me and the brand and your patience for new music and content.  I think for 2021 the goal will be to increase my output in every capacity and make sure that you don't go long without my presence being felt.  Either way, we have a lot to look forward to.  


Thank you 

Royal Life,

Ron Royal

Quarantine got me working! 

What's up y'all! I know its been a minute since I've updated the site but I am here to let you know that you will soon be blessed with more content from me than you have had a in a while.  Me and KÜL have been working on some new and might i say very Royal material. That will be dropping really soon.  Speaking of KÜL he has still been holding me down and keeping me lifted up since the last time you heard from me, there have been a lot of changes in my life and I'm trying to figure out how to be able to explain that to you all outside of just the music.  Maybe I should start a blog or live or something. What y'all think?  Anyway there's a whole new Royal Team in place, and I can't wait to introduce you to them all.  

The website is gonna be undergoing some construction and changes and it will be a new better than ever before.  I want to thank everyone that has been reaching out and patiently waiting for new material.  I want to thank everyone that has been supporting the clothing line launch and sending in your pictures and spreading the word.  Stay tuned as with the new website launch there will be a few raffles of items and I may even do some exclusive pieces not available in the store.

I'm just kind of rambling right now, so forgive me, blame it on the corona. I just wanted to pop in and say thank you and let you all know that I'm using this time wisely and being very productive.  Will be sure to update you all again soon.


One Love,

Ron Royal

Here To Win 

What’s up everyone,

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted, but know that I hard at work on both new music, my stage show and finally some visuals.  I had to take a minute to regroup and recoup and things don’t always go as they should and not everyone that says they are for you mean it. Either way, my throne is still secure and the quest for greatness continues with vengeance. I thank you all for being patient and understanding and for all your support.  I’m back and I’m here to win, for you, for me, for us.  Stay Tuned!





Farewell 2017...Thank You! 

2017...A year of growth, education, challenges, changes and victories.  There not really much that I can complain about and as my grandmother would tell me, "it's really no point in complaining anyway as it don't help nothing." So I won't.  What I will do is say thank you. Thank you to every visitor to the site, every listener to a song, every subscriber, every follower, every supporter.  To my team, I could not have done this without you and next year we have quite a bit on the agenda and its all due to the work we've put in over 2017.  To my producer KÜL, and my engineer B-Crazy, To Coke, hold ya head my dude. They are gonna be really surprised with what we do next.  To my DJ, DJ Drop, lets get it, to Todd and the staff at Pasquet Music Group, thanks for your belief and support.  To Honeycutt Law Firm, for your wisdom, guidance and protection of myself and my team.  To my family, friends thank you a million.  To the fans I love you and thank you.  To those that I have yet to work with, 2018 Lets get it.  and last but not least my team at So Royal Entertainment thank you for your hard work and dedication and holding me down as we get it all right, I couldn't ask for a better team and label.  I have really grown a lot this year and I can't wait to show it you all starting in January 2018.  I'm still going and I thank you all for continuing this journey with me.  Here's to 2018! Let the reign begin.


Ron Royal

Sorry I've been away... 

Whats up family, Its been a little minute since I have personally posted, but all of that is more so do to being out and about creating things that are post worthy. I have a few things down the pipeline that I actually can't wait to post about that have been keeping me busy. I'm currently in the studio now working hard on the follow up to In The Meantime... and working hard to be able to bring the Ron Royal experience to a town near you very soon, along with some very special friends of mine.  I will be making that announcement very soon though.  I can't wait for you all to hear the new music I am working on, and will probably be posting some new videos here on to capture the journey and bring you all into my world more.  I know this post was pretty vague. I just wanted to hop on and say what's up really. So stay tuned, keep spreading the word and be sure to check out the shop tab and order your Ron Royal merch.  Can't wait to see you all. Peace.

Me in 10 Songs...Tidal Playlist 

What's Good family, New thing I'm doing here, just because I love music and I am a fan first, so once a week I will post a different themed playlist to share some of my favorites and just let you all know more about me via the music I love. With this being the 1st one I guess its only right I start by trying to sum myself up in 10 songs. I will probably update this playlist a little later with the story behind each track but for now enjoy.





I'm Working... 

Me, KÜL, B-Crazy and the crew are working to bring you more heat, more shows, and more of this Royal lifestyle.  A lot of great music being made on the way to the album, and it would be selfish of me to keep em to myself, so In The Meantime...2 is on the way, Hope you're ready! It's Royal

Meet The Producer... KÜL NATIONZ 

​What up y'all, just wanted to take time to shout and show love to my dude KÜL the main man behind the boards for that Ron Royal sound, He produced the songs 
"Ask Me If I Care", "Drippin", "Shawty Pt.2" , "Intro", "Down" off that "In The Meantime...EP" We have a lot more music coming for you this year.  This guys range is ridiculous.  But enough with the talking, y'all say what up to KÜL...

Happy 2017 

What's Good FanMily!!!

2016 was a good year, and I'm looking forward to making 2017 a great one, we made a lot of headway last year and this year the mission continues!

First off, I want to thank everyone last year that came to a show, downloaded or streamed the EP, took a picture, told a friend, expressed your support via social media and just overall rocked with me and my team.   We have gone through quite a few changes to get here, and there have been some ups and downs, but all in all, we progress.  Want to thank my team at So Royal Entertainment for everything, The KuL Nationz family, RadioActive Music, Maple Valley Media, Pasquet Music Group team, & Honeycutt Law Firm, for everything you've done to assist me up to this point, and looking forward to more work with you this year and many years to come.  Shout out to my guys over at C&B Couture, for keeping me looking right (more on that to come),

I'm back to work, (well I never really stopped working) but new music is on the way, In The Meantime 1.5 is on deck, a few remixes, and new music for the new year, and that should be dropping relatively soon  I will keep you posted. Also looking to bring a few new things here to, more visuals, and I plan to be here more, to interact more and connect with you all a bit more as we journey along together.

Keep your eyes out for the new Ron Royal merch coming soon, got a new sponsorship situation that I will be announcing soon, with a lot of great merch to keep both me and you laced and looking real ROYAL out here.

I hope everyone had a great holiday, and I've gotten all the request for physical copies of the EP, so they are officially on the way and they will be available for purchase here on and in a city near you.

I'm not one for a lot of talking so I am gonna wrap this up, but just wanted to drop in and say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that's been rocking with me for the last 365 and beyond. I appreciate the love and know that I am working even harder to keep that appreciation going. Hit me up here,
or on twitter and instagram: @ronroyal

Be blessed, One Love,
Ron Royal


We Matter! 

Tell me who do you call for protection, when the protectors are holding the guns, and they're pointed at you and there's no where to run?  

What do you say to ears not listening, while standing in a stance of submission, hands up, praying that you don't end up missing?  

The waiting, the ticking, away at your time, and your thinking Dear God don't let this here be my time
, please let someone drive by, speak up, see my eyes, I don't mean you no harm, and I don't want to die.  

Was just minding my own, was just here on the phone, now I'm staring at chrome, surrounded but alone,
not a friend, not a brother, not a son, or a teacher,
but a creature, you see so instead you just reach for your piece, and my peace now ceases to exist, my life flashes before me, I didn't plan it like this,  

You ever count down the seconds until your demise,
it feels like times moving slowly, and you don't think to cry
, and you don't think to scream, you're just thinking of faces,
your mom, your siblings, your children, now you're hatred,
just grows to all those standing before you now faceless
just voices you hear, and they make racist statements,
they dare you to jump, they dare you say shit,
they talk about killing you like it's just everyday basics 

I close my eyes, like God, please don't let him pull it,
I asked for death at old age, not this day from a bullet,
I have lives left to change, I have goals still to reach,
and he spared me, and years later here I still fight to sleep,
flashbacks of that night still replay everyday,
and each new life that's lost, leaves me feeling guilty and afraid,
like I'm on borrowed time, like I'm not meant to be, and each time that I see them, I wonder are they coming for me,  

Fast forward it's 2016, and it's actually worse 

I stood there peacefully as the canisters burst,
and tear gas burns, have I not cried enough,
tried enough,
have you not lied enough,
have we not died enough?
In our quest to exist,
you said let your voices be heard, but our cries you resist,
in our quest to deescalate, you say we resist,
and that gives you right to make me cease to exist, Damn 

I'm just trying to own my own, and make it home, use my art to pick my bone, and ask you, am I not just like you?
Eat food, work hard, breathe just like you, have family and friends that care just like you? See the news and worry for my safety just like you?
I am a man not a cancer,
wanting truth in my justice, and my questions answered.
To not break out in sweats which you think is suspect,
never thinking this is merely cause and effect.
I don't feel safe, and you take that as hate, when in my heart dwells only God and a desire to be great.  

I matter,
because I was chosen I matter, and no matter how much you may refuse to see it I matter.
To my mother, my brother and to others I matter.
I seek change just like you because I matter. 
I'm enraged cause I matter, engaged cause I matter,
can I ask you honestly; are you afraid that I matter? 
Someone prayed that I'd matter, someone stayed cause I matter,
and believe it or not things will change because I matter! 

When I kneel I matter, just look at the news,
same thing in every city, are you seeing the views?
It's not just me out here are you seeing the hues,
light, dark, black, brown, and even whites believe that I matter too.
So why don't I matter to you?
Are we not one in the same?
I seek to make a difference, you know break up some more chains,
when you put on that uniform aren't you thinking the same,
you want to be respected, not feared and deemed strange.
Savage is your way of thinking, not the way we are acting, this is merely a reaction to your action,  

We came here for peace, you come dressed for war, with your shields and your sticks, and tanks and your gas,
and your helicopter spotlights, how long you think that peace will now last?
Cause what started out a memorial, is now a stand off,
therefore we put our hands up, hoping you'll keep your hands off,
but you inch forward, behind shields, drawing lines in the sand. 
So we grab what we can,
cause this might be it, you stared at our pain,
and your patience subsided, you box us in, surround us, throwing gas on the flames,
and when we react as you would we are labeled insane,
yet it's fine for you to act out after games in the name of celebration and no ones to blame, 
how strange that we are not deserving of the same means of expression when we're seeking change. 

I'm tired, and who knows what will become of these words,
will you ignore them as usual or give this the time it deserves? 
Will you target me now, or seek to discuss,
just how we can build a bridge and close this gap between us?   

Should I arm myself now, cause I know you have yours,
we are asking to be equal, seems like you're asking for war,
all this just because we are asking for more?
What you ask us to pledge to, what you ask us stand for,
you say be more American, so it's our right to demand more,
for our children, our future, our voices, our rights,
our choices, our chances, our peace and our life,
to leave in the morning and come home at night,
and to do it again everyday til it's right. Cause We Matter!

Ron Royal

I Love My State 

What's good people, the grind continues as always, but just dropping in randomly tonight to talk about how much I love my state.  We breed legends here in SC, there is so much legendary talent from here, as well as soon to be legendary talent (Myself included) that it's crazy that we don't have a bigger footprint than we do.  From the DJ's to the talent(music, television, and film) to the food, and the hospitality.  I have been just in a space where I really want to make sure that I assist in the bringing together of the state and making sure that the world knows why everyone always loves having ties to SC, forget the stereotypes as there is nothing slow or unintelligent about us at all.  There are some amazing things that I see coming over the horizon for myself and my state.  I just hope you all are watching. "In The Meantime..." Carolina Special Editions coming soon.  If you don't know me already you soon will. Good music, good people, good times all happening here in SC and soon to be wherever you are as well.  As always thanks a million for the support, the contributions, the feedback, and the patience...We still just getting started.  Shout out my big brother Rell, for his motivation, trust me your words have not fallen on deaf ears here.   Got some goodies in the bag for fall winter 2016 also.  Anyway, enough with me rambling for tonight...ill touch base more on this all later.  

Be Blessed, Be Royal

Ron Royal

Guess Who's Back!!! ( Message from Ron Royal) 

What's up, everybody.  It's been a while since I last dropped in, so I thought I update you all on whats been going on.  

1) I want to take the time out to thank everyone that has and is continuing to support the "In The Meantime..." EP every week I'm seeing more streams, y'all are checking the site, hitting up iTunes, and Amazon, and other digital retailers, and I just appreciate the support and love.  Big shout out to all the supporters in Norway, Sweden, the UK Italy, I can't thank you enough and I want to be able to come and show y'all love in person really soon.  So Thank You Thank You and Thank You!!! 

2) Florida was awesome! I met a lot of good people, had a lot of fun, the shows were great and I can't wait to come back and just spread more love and eat more food, ...Shout out all the people of Miami, Tampa, Sunrise, Orlando, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Miami Beach, Hollywood that rocked with ya boy, all the people that I hung out with, that held me down, It was real and can't wait to do it again.

3) NEW MUSIC, yes I am working on new music, I've been back in the studio with Ben Ten, DJ Drop, KÜL, Wiz, and a few others, I don't want to say too much, because I got some surprises on deck, so if you haven't already, make sure you have joined the email list because I will have some email exclusives that you do not want to miss.  So its still In The Meantime... but I got some more music coming...

4) I know a lot of you have been hitting me and the team up about the clothes and when thats coming and Im working on it, thats pretty much all I can say right now, but if you know me, you know I want it to be right, never one to just throw anything out there. So its on deck, Im working.

5) Im thinking of posting and responding to some of your emails on here, because I do read everything, and I like engaging with y'all so be on the lookout for that.  Royal Gems will be returning, I continue to learn and grow and look forward to sharing those gems to help you on you journey as well.  So y'all hit me asking where they were, so Im bringing it back.  

6) Ron Royal TV is almost ready, Gonna hit you with the "Who Is Ron Royal?" series, also finally nailed down a director for some "In The Meantime videos, and a lot more.

I feel like I've said too much, as Im usually not one to talk about things until they are done, but didn't want to leave you guys (and ladies) in the dark too long. So stay tuned, I'm working on trying to bring "In The Meantime..." to your town,(more info on that later) and as always Im grinding, trying to make things happen. Keep it close, and remember...

It's Royal Baby!!!
Ron Royal

Happy Birthday To ME!!!  

Very blessed and Happy to celebrate yet another year and even more opportunities to grow, change, evolve, and make you all proud and just be better than I was the previous year.  I am hard at work and focused on keeping the music coming and a few other surprises that I shall reveal at a later date and time.  But I appreciate all the love and look forward to seeing all of you soon!!! It's Royal Baby!!!

Ron Royal