Sorry I've been away...

Whats up family, Its been a little minute since I have personally posted, but all of that is more so do to being out and about creating things that are post worthy. I have a few things down the pipeline that I actually can't wait to post about that have been keeping me busy. I'm currently in the studio now working hard on the follow up to In The Meantime... and working hard to be able to bring the Ron Royal experience to a town near you very soon, along with some very special friends of mine.  I will be making that announcement very soon though.  I can't wait for you all to hear the new music I am working on, and will probably be posting some new videos here on to capture the journey and bring you all into my world more.  I know this post was pretty vague. I just wanted to hop on and say what's up really. So stay tuned, keep spreading the word and be sure to check out the shop tab and order your Ron Royal merch.  Can't wait to see you all. Peace.

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